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Earth cellars


Earth cellars are becoming increasingly popular concrete products, which are coming back in vogue years later in a newer, more durable and practical version. Earth cellars are currently used to store food, preserves, and wines.

They are an excellent solution for those who are looking for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Due to the oval shape of the pit house-type earth cellar top, the area surrounding the earth cellar and on top of it can be freely designed and blended into the surrounding terrain, e.g. by covering it with grass, rockwork, or ornamental plants.


We offer custom-made wooden doors for each cellar. Every order is accompanied by expert knowledge as well as free expert opinions and advice.

  • direct earth cellar and pit house-type earth cellar manufacturer
  • high quality
  • reliability, durability.
  • expert knowledge
  • free expert opinions and advice

Example of earth cellar dimensions:

length: 350 width: 240 height: 250


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